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10 Lightning Photography Tips


I wasn’t planning on taking any photographs. The storm just rolled in but after just a couple of flashes of lightning I felt an overwhelming urge to capture it. I guess I’m just weird like that.

Below is the best of the photographs that I took. It has proven to be quite popular and has been posted on several popular web sites which has boosted the number of views it’s had on Flickr and perhaps how you found your way to this post?


Lightning Over Maidstone, 8s @ f/13 ISO 100 18mm

Anyway, taking photos like this with a DSLR, at night, is pretty straightforward. I often receive comments like “great timing” which is nice, but when you read the tips below you’ll realise it’s not really great timing at all. I hate to burst people’s perception of my photography skills dagnabbit!

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