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Bupa Great North Run 2014

My wife and I will be running in the Bupa Great North Run 2014 on September 7th and are raising money for the type 1 diabetes charity JDRF.

Any donation, large or small will be truly appreciated and every penny will help toward researching, managing and ultimately curing type 1 diabetes.

You can donate easily from your mobile phone simply by texting CONE99 £5 to 70070

Thank you!

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Never Again…When Does the 2015 Ballot Open?

I crossed the finish line mumbling “never again, never again” with the last ounce of energy I could muster. I had just run the hardest 26.2 miles of my life.

Medal and II had trained hard for the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon and hadn’t missed a single training session. A few weeks previously I had run my longest training run, 20.4 miles at 8:21/mi pace. I wanted to run the London Marathon at a rather optimistic 8:00/mi pace and figured with the crowds, adrenalin and flat-ish course that I might be able to improve on 8:21/mi over the distance; how wrong I was.

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Running the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon

On 13th April 2014 I will be running the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon on behalf of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Sponsor me on Virgin Money GivingI’ve been blessed with type one diabetes since the age of 18. At the time of writing this blog post I’m 46.

Like many type one diabetics, I give myself an injection of fast-acting insulin before each and every meal and a “bonus” ;) injection before bed of a slow-release, basal insulin. On this basis, I estimate that, since being diagnosed I have given myself over 51,000 insulin injections and I’m getting to the point where I’d rather not have to give myself too many more.

Luckily for me, being 18 years old when diagnosed I was “grown-up” enough to handle many of the issues associated with type one diabetes. I can only imagine how much more challenging type one diabetes must be for those diagnosed at a younger age. We really must find a cure for this PITA condition.

…and then it rained!

Running-wise, I have been a keen runner since about 2008 and ran my first marathon distance back in April 2010. Currently, the only “organised” race I’ve run was the 20 Kilomètres de Paris which was an amazing experience. I’m hoping that running the Virgin Money London Marathon will be an equally awesome experience.

I have created a Virgin Money Giving* site where you can quickly and easily sponsor my run. I truly appreciate any and all sponsorship. If you can’t sponsor me then I’d be equally pleased if you could share this blog post or my JDRF fundraising page with your friends (FaceBook, Twitter, etc… links at the foot of this page) because they may just know somebody affected by diabetes and want to help the JDRF‘s research into curing, treating and preventing type one diabetes.

Thank you.


* Virgin Money Giving is a not-for-profit fundraising site where more of your sponsorship goes to the charity than other popular fundraising sites.