My First Marathon Distance Run

Happy days :)

Having not made the cut for this year’s Virgin London Marathon I decided that rather than miss out on all the fun I’d run my own marathon a few weeks before the VLM.

I should have double–checked the exact marathon distance before I left this morning as I ended up running 26.4 miles instead of 26.2 :|

Physically, that’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The last four miles, even though I was so close to home were very hard work.

Anyway, I was aiming for any time under four hours.

26.40 mile run, 3h 47′36″, 8′37″ avg pace, 3321 kcal, ahr 153 bpm, mhr 181 bpm.

Nimbus 11 mileage: 263.49

Half–marathon time was 1h 52′57″, an average 8′29″ min/mile pace.

Now it’s time to replace some of those lost 3,321 calories. There’s calories in beer, right? ;)


Running Log

Grrr, don’t you just hate it when that happens. Somewhere around the 2 mile mark I must have accidentally pressed the stop button on my watch and I didn’t realise until less than a mile from the end of the run and so consequently I didn’t record just over a mile of my run. Meh, it was only a short 4 mile run.

Anyway, this run was a deliberate slow and light 4 miler as shown by the lower than usual average and max heart rates. A warm up for bigger things to come very shortly.

2.78 mile run, 24′52″, 8′56″ avg pace, 245 kcal, ahr 133 bpm, mhr 162 bpm.

Nimbus 11 mileage: 237.09